Monday, March 10, 2014

I'm sorry Adam.  I'm not as good at being communicative as you.  So I tensed up and was once again too honest.

Yes, physicality is important to me in a relationship.  I've never been so into someone like I am into you, without the physical attraction coming first.  I love the sound of your voice.  I love your cool hair.  The fact that everything you have to say has a meaning and a point.  I love the way you hold and caress me.  When I'm not physically in contact with you I am counting down the seconds until the next time I get to feel you.  I love that you really like me, too.  And I feel that somehow, someway you may be able to look past my superficial shortcomings and care to still be around me.

I'm sorry.  But it was the truth.  Please don't dislike yourself just because of me.

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